Quick Fix: Lips


Okay guys so whatever climate you’re in, your lips might be getting dry and cracked. Well I’ve got a few tips to make you’re lips nice and soft again.

1. Drink water – everyone knows this and it’s a must, especially for summer. Keep hydrated!

2. Try a Lip Scrub – Lip scrubs are a great way to remove dry skin, you can buy tubs of lip scrubs in stores but I find homemade ones work better. Try mixing a little bit of olive oil with some sugar and rubbing it all over you’re lips. This is a great way to keep you’re lips from flaking.

3. Moisturise – Everyone needs to keep a lip balm in handy everywhere they go to keep their lips looking nice and soft all the time and you wont get that awful dry feeling. Also for a lip treatment that will nourish your lips, try smearing almond oil all over your lips even around it. You can wear this when you go to bed or just normally around the house.

Hope these tips will help you tackle dry and flaky, cracked lips and you will end up with soft, smooth lips.


Quick Fix: BB Cream


This is the best thing for all those girls out there that need quick coverage which is also light on your face and can act as a concealer.

This cream has been around for ages and recently became popular. This cream is an all-in-one moisturiser,  foundation, concealer and sunscreen.

This cream is best if you want to even out your skintone and hide marks on your face. I will especially recommend this cream to school girls whose parents might not want them wearing make-up or just want something light to wear everyday. I will also recommend this to busy women who are always on the go. This is perfect.

As well as being perfect this is easy to use, you can easily just dot this on your face and blend out. Putting extra on areas that need concealing.

Now the Garnier BB Cream is good for very light coverage. If you need more coverage there are many brands out there that specialise in this. Asian countries have been using this cream for ages and have very special brands that have developed there formula. So whatever the brand, I think that every woman or girl needs this in their house.