Funky Dotty Nails!

collage_original copy

This is a fun way to upgrade your nails from one block colour to simple funky dotty nails. I used a toothpick to do the dots, if you want more dotting tool ideas check out our post Nails: Dotting tools at home.

For the first base colour I used a pinkish-brown colour and then applied a clear top coat. I then went and added the black dots after it had dried. You can be as creative as your want with the dots; any pattern, any colour and any size. So be creative and also remember to add a clear top coat again over the dots to protect the design.

Happy Painting!

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Face Shapes: The Heart Shape!

ImageThe Heart Shape face is very unique and you can do so much with this face shape.

DISCLAIMER: This is not professional advice, our blog is for our opinionated advice only. If you choose to read and take information it is of your own free will.

Easy DIY: Messages


So last week my close friend came up to me and gave me this ultra cute and simple message and I just adore it so much. It is simply cute and a great way to tell someone you love them. I love how it’s such a small and simple thing but can still show you care.

The message doesn’t have to be ‘I love you’, it could be ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘I hate you’ no matter what, it’s easy to make and can be used for any occasion.

So for how to make it;

1. Take a peg
2. Measure out a piece of paper fitting for your peg.
3. Write your message on it and fold it in half horizontally so the message can fold when the peg closes.
4. Just simply tape/blu-tack/glue the message in.

I told you it was easy! I hope you have fun with this one and be creative!

Quick Fix: Lips


Okay guys so whatever climate you’re in, your lips might be getting dry and cracked. Well I’ve got a few tips to make you’re lips nice and soft again.

1. Drink water – everyone knows this and it’s a must, especially for summer. Keep hydrated!

2. Try a Lip Scrub – Lip scrubs are a great way to remove dry skin, you can buy tubs of lip scrubs in stores but I find homemade ones work better. Try mixing a little bit of olive oil with some sugar and rubbing it all over you’re lips. This is a great way to keep you’re lips from flaking.

3. Moisturise – Everyone needs to keep a lip balm in handy everywhere they go to keep their lips looking nice and soft all the time and you wont get that awful dry feeling. Also for a lip treatment that will nourish your lips, try smearing almond oil all over your lips even around it. You can wear this when you go to bed or just normally around the house.

Hope these tips will help you tackle dry and flaky, cracked lips and you will end up with soft, smooth lips.