Review: Ed Sheeran’s MULTIPLY

So about a week ago, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran released his second album, Multiply (X). I’ve been in love with this album from the moment I first listened to it. There are like a bunch of catchy tracks that’ll get you up and doing some cray-zay moves! Haha anyway, this album, in my opinion, is a bit more mature than his debut album. And by that, I mean a tad bit more explicit. But it works for him and gives off an edgy sorta vibe!  So I’ve decided to highlight our favorites from Ed’s album:

  • Don’t– This song is unbelievable catchy. And explicit.  It’s about an unnamed and unknown ex who cheated on him. It’s awesome and I’m loving it.
  • Nina– This song is all about how fame can get in the way of your personal relationships. And also seriously catchy.
  • Runaway– It has got some serious sass to it!
  • The Man– I love the beat, the rapping and the words to this song. You just can’t help but sing to it.
  • Afire Love– This song is beautiful; it makes me sad every time I hear it. It has a deep meaning, similar to Small Bump from his debut album. It’s been said that this song is about Ed Sheeran losing his grandfather to Alzheimer’s when he was a boy.
  • Take It Back– Yet another catchy song with an acoustic beat!

These are my favourite songs from X, and I strongly advise that you listen to Ed Sheeran’s album! Let us know what you think and tell us your favourite tracks in the comments below. We’d love to hear your opinions!