DIY Photo/Memo Wall

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Want an easier way to show of your memorable photos and easily be reminded of your events or things to do. Or just need some creativeness in your house. Try out this fun project that only takes an hour and is super cheap.

What you need:

  • Photos
  • Clips (can use anything to hang photos, I used Foldback clips)
  • Removable Hooks (can use nails or screws)
  • String, Wool, Ribbon
  • Superglue (optional)


  1. Decide on your design. I went for the simple zigzag, but there are many you can do.
  2. Place dots with a pencil where you are going to place the hooks. I used removable hooks in case I needed to change anything and I didn’t really want to put holes in my wall.
  3. Place your hooks, nails or screws. With the removable hooks I had, I found that the pads where you put the hooks on were not sticky enough and I figured the hooks would probably fall of if I put something heavy on. Therefore I decided to put some superglue to the hooks to connect them to the pads. This gives a nice strong hold.
  4. Attach the string. On the first hook I circled around the hook a few times, so it wouldn’t slip of. After that I simple circled around the rest of the hooks and made the zigzag pattern I wanted.


– Make sure when you’re putting on the string you make it as tight as possible as the photos will bring the string down, making it looser.

– Leave a tail of string at the end in case you want to change your display around.

– To decorate you might want to put ribbon around your string.

– You can hang photos, memos, notes, invitations and stuff.

– Have fun with it and make it your own.