Cool Blue Nail Tutorial

What we used:
-Ulta3’s ‘Hollywood’
-Boe Beauty’s ‘Green Valley’
-Boe Beauty’s ‘Ballet Pink’
-N.Y.C’s ‘Blue Bottle’
-Dotting tool

1. Using the Hollywood nail polish, paint two coats on your entire nail.
2. Go over the nail again with the Green Valley nail polish, but leave some of the blue nail polish visible.
3. With the Ballet Pink nail polish, go over the middle of the nail, leaving the blue and green visible.
4. Last but not least, using the Blue Bottle nail polish and a dotting tool (see our dotting tool post) and dot along the white nail polish.


Funky Dotty Nails!

collage_original copy

This is a fun way to upgrade your nails from one block colour to simple funky dotty nails. I used a toothpick to do the dots, if you want more dotting tool ideas check out our post Nails: Dotting tools at home.

For the first base colour I used a pinkish-brown colour and then applied a clear top coat. I then went and added the black dots after it had dried. You can be as creative as your want with the dots; any pattern, any colour and any size. So be creative and also remember to add a clear top coat again over the dots to protect the design.

Happy Painting!

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Nails: Dotting Tools at Home!

One of the latest trends for nails are polka dots. Many people want to do them. But getting those absolutely perfect circles when doing your nails can be quite the challenge if you don’t have the right tool.
You could go out and spend money to buy a dotting tool, or you can find one yourself at home! Using these homemade dotting tools will make sure you get the perfect circle every time!