DIY Nail Polish Organisation

nail polish organisation

The small nail polish collection I have all reside in a small drawer beside my bed. The bad thing about this is that it takes a long time to find the colour I’m looking for. I have to lift each one up to see if that’s the colour I’m looking for and it’s all just a hassle. So I thought wouldn’t it be great if I could see all the colours I have right there in front of me, so here I am blogging about my recent DIY project.

It really only took about 30-40 minutes, obviously depending on the size of your nail polish collection. For this you need blank, white labels. I found big rectangle labels lying around, I simply used this and cut them to small square pieces. You have to make sure they are small enough to fit on the lid of the nail polish. I recommend getting those circle shaped white stickers, they would be perfect for this and would look a lot neater. After, simply swipe the nail polish colour onto the labels, wait to dry and then stick it onto the lid.

Some tips;

– Use paper to protect the table you’re working on.

– Be prepared for nail polish all over your fingers.

– An alternative to using sticky labels is using paper and putting stick tape on top to attach to the lid. Although this will take longer

There you go, something so simple but will make your life a lot easier.


Organisation Tip: Rolling vs. Folding


Im sure everyone has had the dilemma of full, crowded drawers. Having to stuff everything into one drawer. Folding everything neatly but still running out of space. Well rolling is your answer. As seen in the above picture just the simple task of rolling clothes and packing them neatly in a drawer can save a hell of a lot of space. Before, this drawer had the same amount of clothes all spilling out and I used to always have to dig for my clothes. But now I can see each item clearly and even have space for more. So try this quick organisational tip and see how it works out for you!